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2023-2024 School Year

Private Career & College Tours

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Have you ever been searching in the dark for an answer to the question, 'What will you do after high school'?? Well, VIP is offering a new opportunity this year! The new VIP mentor can take you on private tours to see exciting job opportunities, such as mechanics, photography, engineering fields, cosmetology, crane operator, and even crazy things like being a skydiving instructor. Hit us up to see what the world has to offer you and what you can offer the world!!!

March 6

VIP Arizona Humane Society Tour 

11:15am - 2:15pm

This unique experience will give you new insight into the Arizona Humane Society and its amazing work for shelter pets seeking their forever homes. Since 1957, the Arizona Humane Society has been at the forefront of helping homeless pets. You will be one of the first groups to tour their newly constructed Papago Park Campus at the juncture of the 202 and 143 freeways. They can offer comprehensive medical interventions in a world-class animal trauma hospital paired with behavioral care for pets at a level not seen in the United States.


March 20

VIP Painting with Bob Ross

In-person and Online

11am - 1pm In person

1pm-3pm Online

All painting materials will supplied and sent to registered online students. You will meet at HHS or log on to a Google Meet call where we will follow along with a Bob Ross video and share your masterpieces at the end for a chance to win prizes!


March 27

VIP Formal Dining & Etiquette Experience 

11am - 1pm

Do you know social graces and manners are essential for success in your personal and professional life? Join us in discovering the importance of first impressions, dining etiquette, effective communication, and respectful behavior in various social situations. You will leave with the necessary tools to thrive in a diverse and interconnected world while enjoying a formal dining experience.


After completing and submitting your permission form, you will receive an email notifying you if you have been selected to attend the event. 

About VIP

Value, Independence, and Purpose are three key factors determining post-secondary success.

The goal of the VIP program is to prepare our students to design a life of value, independence, and purpose (VIP). Many of our students don't reach their potential success, not because they aren't presented with opportunities, but because they are not confident or prepared when the doors of possibility are opened.


Mrs. Gisa McCormick

VIP Program Advisor


GisaM@BlueprintEducation.org or