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October 5

Barbell Saves Project Crossfit Gym


What would it feel like to do something you never thought you could do physically? Join us as we jump into Crossfit with the Barbell Saves Project. Premier Coach Tammi shows you how this regimen of constantly varied functional movements transforms and welcomes you into a super tight community of awesome people. Crossfit goes beyond exercise and has genuinely changed the lives of the people you will meet! Space is limited so sign up now! FREE LUNCH PROVIDED.

October 19

FAFSA Informational Workshop


Do you need FREE money for your future? Come learn more about these opportunities at the FASFA Information Workshop! During this first workshop, you will discover what FASFA is and how it can help you with your future! You will also find out what you need to apply so that you are ready to take advantage of this opportunity! FREE LUNCH PROVIDED.

October 26

SEL Motivation Workshop


Do you ever find yourself struggling with motivation? Your story is what makes you unique! In this workshop, we will help you identify key motivators in your life and teach you ways to align them to your actions. We look forward to helping you achieve your academic success!


November 2

AZCCD Construction Career Day


AZCCD gives you the chance to have a day to work in the Construction Industry and learn skills and knowledge about the construction science industry. Here are a few hands-on activities available:

Building brick walls


Pipe design& build contest

Cement mixing and setting

Construct a toolbox

Design & build projects

Operate Heavy Equipment – with a professional operating engineer instructing you. A day you will always remember!


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About VIP

Value, Independence, and Purpose are three key factors determining post-secondary success.

The goal of the VIP program is to prepare our students to design a life of value, independence, and purpose (VIP). Many of our students don't reach their potential success, not because they aren't presented with opportunities, but because they are not confident or prepared when the doors of possibility are opened.


Mrs. Gisa McCormick

VIP Program Advisor