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2023-2024 School Year

Private Career & College Tours

Schedule a time that works for you!

Have you ever been searching in the dark for an answer to the question, 'What will you do after high school'?? Well, VIP is offering a new opportunity this year! The new VIP mentor can take you on private tours to see exciting job opportunities, such as mechanics, photography, engineering fields, cosmetology, crane operator, and even crazy things like being a skydiving instructor. Hit us up to see what the world has to offer you and what you can offer the world!!!

September 20

Feedback and Reflection: Workshop & BBQ Lunch!

8:30am - 3pm

Good job, "way to go", "horrible effort", "you need to improve"... giving and receiving feedback can become a powerful opportunity to propel you forward or completely hold you back. In this workshop, you will practice self-reflection, participate in activities to become a feedback champ, and have fun with a personality test that might enhance the way you see yourself! You will learn how to build self-confidence, make consistent improvements in school and in life, and some strategies to handle awkward conflict. 

**You will receive a certificate for this training, and it would look fantastic on a resume or a college application!


September 27

Video Game Truck and Laser Tag

2:30pm - 5:30pm

Pizza, Wings, and Mountain Dew... Every gamer's survival pack will be ready to go for this epic "Game Truck" and Laser Tag event. We have secured one of the largest, 20-person game trucks, fully equipped with all the latest console and VR games and a 90-minute session of super competitive laser tag. Come hang with us for this evening of power-ups, slam dunks, and Battle Royales! Wear your favorite gaming shirt to be entered into a raffle for prizes!


September 28

E-Sports Tournament Online

5pm - 7pm

Virtual e-sports tournaments are a new gaming experience that lets students play together, even if they can’t be in the same room! Join us for this evening event that builds connection, competition, and tons of fun!

October 4

Make-Up and Monopoly - Community Service

9am - 1pm

Want to help others feel cared for and have a lot of fun?  VIP will visit a senior center for the day and do make-up, manicures, facial masks, paint nails, and hand massages for the patrons at a retirement home AND play a variety of games for some good competitive fun. This event counts towards community service hours and should also be added to your resume!


October 4

Virtual Game Night

4pm - 6pm

Game night's gone virtual! Play epic online games, answer ridiculous trivia questions, chat with friends, and meet new classmates. This virtual game night will be full of laughter as you climb your way up the leaderboard or simply come to play for fun. Prizes awarded for Highest Total Points, The Biggest Loser, and Life of the Party! Reserve your spot now! 

After completing and submitting your permission form, you will receive an email notifying you if you have been selected to attend the event. 

About VIP

Value, Independence, and Purpose are three key factors determining post-secondary success.

The goal of the VIP program is to prepare our students to design a life of value, independence, and purpose (VIP). Many of our students don't reach their potential success, not because they aren't presented with opportunities, but because they are not confident or prepared when the doors of possibility are opened.


Mrs. Gisa McCormick

VIP Program Advisor


GisaM@BlueprintEducation.org or